If you were lucky enough to have a grandparent with an expansive collection of Nation Geographic magazines as a child, then you surely marveled at the diversity of the world we live in. Indeed, picking up an old copy of National Geographic today can still transport you to a distant place and fill your mind with wonder!  Even without access to a library of those magazines, a person only has to hop onto the internet to see far off, amazing places.  With today’s technology, you likely have that ability with the phone you have in your pocket.  Coincidentally, it’s that sort of technology most of us are looking to get away from when we set out on a bike tour.  No emails, no phone calls–only our thoughts and a wandering path.  A photo on a screen isn’t the same as smelling the salt of the ocean or feeling the sting of snow on your face anyway, right?

So perhaps for Salsa it was an easy choice when finding inspiration when naming their new touring bike model, the Marrakesh.  The bicycle’s namesake is a city in the country of Morocco, a city steeped in history, known for its colorful markets and culture.

Rugs for sale on a rooftop overlooking Marrakesh

One of the many vendors in the market.