November 2018

One Day Sale


BRACE YOURSELVES... We are having a one day sale this Saturday (NOV. 24). Check out our ad, there are …

One Day Sale2018-11-30T10:36:41+00:00

It’s Fender Time


The rains have started and it's fender time. Save your backside from the unsightly brown stripe and give your …

It’s Fender Time2018-11-30T10:37:01+00:00

Candy Alert – New SB130!


Candy SB130! This beauty will only be in our possession for one measly day until it's owner comes …

Candy Alert – New SB130!2018-11-30T10:37:09+00:00

Lifecycle Bike Shop Has The Gear


Old man winter will soon be on the way. Lifecycle Bike Shop has the gear to keep you riding …

Lifecycle Bike Shop Has The Gear2018-11-30T10:38:19+00:00

Dropper Seatpost Let You Down? No Problem


Dropper seatpost let you down? No Problem. Lifecycle can now service posts from the "big three" right here at …

Dropper Seatpost Let You Down? No Problem2018-11-30T10:38:28+00:00

New 2019 Salsa Timberjack Bikes


New 2019 Salsa Timberjack bikes are starting to trickle in! This one is pink and already heading out the …

New 2019 Salsa Timberjack Bikes2018-11-30T10:38:38+00:00

New Wahoo Kickr Trainers


Just in time for those bleary winter days and nights, Lifecycle now has in stock the new trainers from …

New Wahoo Kickr Trainers2018-11-30T10:38:55+00:00

October 2018

Hot Laps Gripper Bike Bag and Waist Bag


What's that you say? Don't feel like taking the big hydration pack on that quick leg-stretcher ride? No problem! Dakine …

Hot Laps Gripper Bike Bag and Waist Bag2018-11-30T10:50:10+00:00