Fork Service

“Your fork works hard for you, what have you done for your fork lately?”

Protect your investment and keep arguably the most important component of your bike running smoothly. Suspension forks use lubrication systems that keep the bushings and seals moving smoothly without friction. Keeping the internal components of your fork clean is important for the function and longevity of your fork. If you have over 50 hours of riding on your fork, ask one of our technicians if you should consider one of our fork service options. In addition to servicing your fork, it may be a good time to discuss travel adjustment, volume reducing spacers and even a damper upgrade. Our goal is to help you get the most life and performance out of your suspension fork. We service Rock Shox, Fox Racing, DVO, and Manitou forks.

Rear shock service

“Your rear shock helps keep your rear wheel glued to the ground giving you the traction you need to rip trails at high rates of speed”

Make sure that your rear shock is allowing your suspension to work as it was intended by sticking to service intervals. Keeping seals and shock fluid clean will reduce friction in your shock. Regular service will keep your shock functioning properly and avoid premature wear. If you are at 50 riding hours ask one of our service technicians if you need a shock service. We encourage our customers to re-evaluate sag, compression and rebound settings after a rear shock service. Let us help you revisit the basics or not so basics and help you tune your rear shock.

Pivot bearing service

“Pivot bearings degrade slowly over time and many don’t notice the performance of their suspension losing its original function and feel”

Pivot bearings do a thankless job as most of us forget that they exist. They need to be replaced just as you would replace a bottom bracket or headset bearing. Neglect could result in a poor performing suspension or even result in damage to areas in your linkage. When you buy a new bike, it feels smooth and your rear end tracks well over varying terrain. We have seen pivot bearings destroyed in as little as 9 months however the typical replacement time is at approximately the 2 year mark (depending on trail conditions and use). Have one of our service technicians to inspect your frame to determine if you need a pivot bearing replacement.

Dropper post service

“The best bike innovation since suspension and disc brakes. Unfortunately one of the most finicky goodies on the market”

With any dropper post it isn’t a matter of if but a matter of when it will need service. Keeping your dropper clean is a great way to extend the service life of your post. If you do need help with your dropper post we can clean, replace internal parts, and rebuild dropper post from the big 3: Rock Shox Reverb, Fox Transfer, KS LEV. Service intervals range in the 50 to 100 hour range. If you are not noticing any issues with your dropper it does not mean that it does not need a service. Be proactive and have one of our service technicians increase the life of your dropper post. If you are experiencing issues with your dropper post, our technicians have seen nearly everything and can typically diagnose and fix the issue quickly.

Wheel building

“Make your next wheelset worry and trouble free”

Our resident wheel builder Zack “ The Wizard” has built over a thousand wheels in the 10 years he has been with Life Cycle (yes, we actually counted). As they say there are only a few absolutes: Death, taxes and Zack’s quality wheel building. We build wheels for every bike discipline including wheels for commuter, mountain, road, gravel and E bikes. Our wheels are built slowly as tension is added and reduced many times until a perfect wheel is born. We use quality spokes and nipples from Sapim. All of our hand built wheels include lifetime truing. Ask any of our sales or service staff about a custom wheelset from Life Cycle

Hub service

“Hub friction kills your power”

Your wheel hub is a system of hubshells, bearings, axles, pawls, and ratchets. Keep these items cleaned and lubricated to ensure proper function and efficiency. If you are unsure if your hubs need servicing, ask one of our service technicians if a hub service is in order. We work on nearly every hub from the major hub companies including Shimano, Chris King, Industry Nine, DT Swiss, Hope, and Sram. We stock many common cartridge bearings and are usually able to get your hub serviced and back to you quickly. Don’t let dirty hubs slow you down and make your wheels feel like new with a fresh hub service.


“Flat protection and tire pressure perfection”

One of the most frequently asked questions at the shop is “should I go tubeless?” Going tubeless not only offers puncture protection but also allows the rider to run lower tire pressure to ensure optimal traction. By eliminating the tube, you are able to run lower tire pressure without the chance of a pinch flat. Us shop nerds check our air pressure before every ride because trail conditions change daily and we are always after the best traction. We are tubeless system experts, ask one of our staff members about the benefits and costs of going tubeless.

Spoke cutting

“We cut spokes to any length”

We have a Phil Wood spoke cutter in house. This means we always have the correct size spoke in stock. We have Sapim and DT Swiss spokes in stock that can be cut to any length. We can help the “do it yourselfer” wheel builder and cut spokes to any specific length. We are also happy to research and special order boutique spoke options to meet weight and aerodynamic goals. Life Cycle is here to help for all of your wheel building needs.

Fender install

“Keeping it clean”

We install fenders for almost any bike. Besides keeping the rider clean fenders also keep your bike clean. Avoid premature drivetrain wear, keep your dropper post clear of mud, or just simply avoid the dreaded brown stripe with a nice set of fenders. We install fenders on hybrids, road bikes, gravel bikes, e-bikes, and mountain bikes. We sell fenders at all price points from some of the best names in the industry: Planet Bike, SKS, PDW, and Velo Orange. Stop on in for some friendly fender advice and install.

Shimano Di2

“We are Di2 literate”

We have a running gag here at the shop that when we sell a bike with Di2 we never see the customer again. The reason is because Di2 is simply reliable and the customer rarely comes back for service. In the event you do have issues we have diagnostic tools in house that can diagnose your Di2 issue. We are also near the west coast Shimano warehouse and typically can get replacement parts within 2 business days. If it’s a firmware update, a battery issue, or connection problem we can troubleshoot and fix your Di2 mountain or road bike.