It seems like this time around we had a bit of an Indian Summer. With the long and radiant days holding out for much longer than we are used to, it was only a matter of time before the rain arrived.  We really nailed the timing this year and just in is a vast new selection of all sorts of goodies to keep you dry and insulated wherever the open road or trail takes you this wet season.

A returning favorite among the staff is the Shower’s Pass Elite Rain jacket. For a minimal investment of $250.00 you can stay dry and look cool!

This jacket is super durable, and will even keep you a bit warm.

A newcomer to the store is SealSkinz (see photo in article below). Personally I picked up a pair of booties from them and they are my favorite pair I have ever owned thus far. They keep your feet pretty well insulated and at the same time breathe well. Despite not looking like it, they are waterproof as well. Big ups to them for putting a good spin on a necessary piece of winter cycling equipment.