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You bought the Chris King BLING, now it needs, SERVICING!

We sell a lot of Chris King hubs here at the shop; they are local, servicable(rebuildable), and perform the way a hub should. But when buying top shelf items some cyclists forget that these indestructable items need to be serviced. Luckily we have the tools and the know-how to get the job done. And, because of our and CK’s close geographic location, we can get parts to fix these items quickly.

Here in Oregon there is one thing that is certain- it rains, a lot; this makes your road rides wet and your mountain rides muddy, and these conditions means bearings get eaten up more quickly than other places. When water and grime make their way into the hubs they remove grease and wear down the moving parts inside the hub- this is why servicing is important.


Let’s now take a look at what exactly this hub rebuild entails, in picture form of course (were bikers not brain surgeons).


As you can see the internals are a bit dirty and the grease shows signs of contaminants.

For $80 we will service both your front and rear hubs. If your Chris Blinging extra tough and have the bottom bracket and/or headset it’s $30 for either. The best attribute of the King products is that they are rebuildable and servicable so you don’t need to buy new stuff just simply maintain what you already have. And when they are all done they look amazing!

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