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Winter riding essential gear for the PNW


For road and mountain winter riding the key to stay warm is keeping your core temperature up and making keeping the bulk down so you don’t feel like this:

And with all the great accessories we carry we can keep you looking fresh and warm at the same time! One important piece is keeping your extremities warm. For hands the best gloves we have found are the Endura Nemo’s and the Castelli Chiro Due’s

Both of these gloves are neoprene and keep your hands warm even when its wet outside (something all PNW’ers know about). Both of these glvoes keep the bulk down so you can keep your dexterity and warmth up. That’s a WIN!



For road you want a tire that is more durable, so you get less flats and can last longer, than a typical racing tire. A favorite for us has been the Contiental Gatorskin-


They are economical, durable, and reasonably light. If you want to spend a few more bucks the Continental Gran Prix 4000s also work great but don’t have the sidewall protection.

For mountain the main focus is to have traction in the muddy conditions- this means wide spacing between knobs and a less wide contact patch. The Maxxis Beaver has been an incredible tire for the conditions around Oregon and is perfect for Why-pass.


Wool, wool, and wool. Enough said. Wool keeps warm when it is wet and isn’t all itchy and scratchy like people assume it is. Quality wool (like merino) doesn’t feel like that old wool sweater you have in your closet. Our favorite winter socks are the Defeet Woolie Boolie and the Endura Baa Baa.


For those of you who haven’t tried embro yet, then “you gotta try embro bro” (Jeremy G.). It keeps your legs relaxed and feels like your adding a second layer without the bulk.

A little bit of this stuff goes a long way and for an insiders tip: don’t forget to put your chamois butter on before you put the embrocation on.