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Winter Gear- Warm hands=good ride

Cold Weather Solutions- by Dave

The past few weeks I would wake up and see a beautiful blue sky then go check the local weather to be astonished at the temps- 15 below freezing!  Most of the mornings it would be anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees around 9 A.M. But not wanting to waste a sunny winter day I geared up and headed out to battle the below freezing temps. The first day I came back from a 2 hr cruise and could not feel any of my extremities. So, I went on a mission to keep myself warm. Here are some things I found that work well in extreme conditions…

LG 3/1 Fusion Gloves-

LG Fusion gloves

These gloves were actually too warm on a ride I did this past weekend when it was 38 degrees, luckily these are a two in one glove combo so I simply rode with the liners until I started getting cold at the end when I put the outer glove on. The liners are the same as their “Race Gripper gloves” which are made from “Thermo laminated Lycra with fleece” keeping even my hands warm enough even into the low 50’s. Here is a picture of these bad boys:



The reason I believe these gloves work so well is because of the dead air space in between the liner and the main gloves- minimizing conduction. These gloves also have no padding in the palm, finally! My belief on padding in a glove is that it is correcting a problem with the way you are holding the bars in the first place, even further propogating the problem. It is all about the small things! Other great features which I have come to love is the extended cuff with a drawstring at the end. I was able to keep a few snacks inside this area which not only kept my snacks warm  it also kept them close for easy access (thats what she said). And last but not least there is a fleece cover over the thumb so wiping your nose feels like a minks rear section- these guys thought of everything! I would be willing to pay top dollar to keep my hands warm and comfortable durring wintertime basemiles but these are a reasonable $50.