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What kind of bike is that?! A Long Travel 29er Hardtail of course!

If you have been by the shop in the past couple months we have been pretty STOKED about a new emerging genre of bike- the long travel 29er hardtail (that’s a mouthfull). Kona last year Came out with the Honzo; little did we know how ahead of it’s time it was. Now Trek, Niner, and many other manufacturers are hopping on the bandwagon- long travel 29er land!

Now we know what your thinking- “it’s heavy” or “I already have a trail bike” and don’t worry we thought the same thing until we drank the potion; and man did that potion taste g-double-o-d good. It brings the FUN back to riding without blowing up your bank account.

So what does this long travel 29er hardtail genre all about? First, the headtube is more slack, meaning it has a more agressive trail geometry than your typical hardtail; something you would typically find on a 6″ travel full suspension bike. Second, the frame is more robust than your standard cross country bike so it will take all the abuse you can throw at it. And speaking of abuse, that brings us to our third and most important aspect of this bike- the amount of travel. The front fork typically has between 120-140mmm of travel (hence long travel) which gives you the ability to push faster and be more confident through GNARLY terrain.

But these aspects are not the only thing that makes the new 2013 Kona Honzo amazing. It has short chainstays, sliding dropouts (did I hear Single Speed?), and has a finish that won’t get all messed up when you set it down to drink a cold one mid ride. For $1899 you can be the proud owner of a Kona Honzo or if steel isn’t your gig then Kona has another option for you Aluminum lovers out there.

The Kona Taro is another shred-able example of the Long-Travel 29er Hard-tail genre. It is basically the Honzo’s aluminum sibling, with the 68 degree heatube angle and short chainstays it incorporates what makes the Honzo great, for a tremendous value- $1299!

Come in or feel free to visit Kona for more information!