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Tomorrow has arrived: The Santa Cruz Bronson 650b



Welcome to the future lady shredders and hardmen. The Bronson is Santa Cruz’s latest installment to their strong all-mountain bike fleet. So what is a 650b bike? It is the great compromise between 26 and 29ers, with a wheel size of 27.5 inches. This wheel size offers both benefits of that people feel from 26 inch wheels and 29ers. The bicycle corners and accelerates like the 26 inch mountain bikes, yet still stay on top of those roots and rocks like the 29ers. This is a very versatile wheel size, as it is becoming not only increasingly popular as a trail bike, but an XC race bike(proven by Nino Schruter, who won the world XC world championship on a 650b bike). We have two of these rad machines on the floor, both Aluminum, the black being a medium and the white a large. Both go for $3,399 with the RAM build- composed of Fox suspension and Shimano SLX components.  These bikes are offered in both carbon and aluminum with a variety of build kits.Come on in and check them out!