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There are some new road wheels in town- Airgo Wheels!

Airgo Wheels

When it comes to road wheels weight and price have always been a driving force behind why people buy them. But when a wheel can be relatively light, reasonably priced, aero, and stiff- what’s not to love? And these handbuilt wheels look really good! Check out a picture of the Airgo Race’s below:

newwheels 001


Currently there are only two models available the ” Air Comps” and the ” Air Race’s” for road wheels but they offer many different colors of spokes, rims, and nipples- the choices are endless. The wheels pictured above have red nipples, white rims, and black spokes.

The Airgo Comps weigh in at 1520 grams and cost $550

The Airgo Race’s weigh in at 1470 grams and cost $750

Nipple Colors: Red, Green, Gold, Blue, Black, or Silver

Rim Colors: White, Black, or Silver 

Spoke color: Silver and Black (custom colors can be had but change the weight of the wheels)

The hubs for now are only available in black but whats wrong with black?

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