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Test Saddle Program for Selle SMP Saddles

We have tried carrying many different saddles from various manufacturers and few have been as popular or comfortable as the SMP line. These saddles are truly designed around the body and give a more ergonomic fit than any other saddle out there.

When buying saddles the worst part is when you buy one that you think will work, and it doesn’t. Especially when dealing with saddles that cost upwards of $200.00. This is where our demo program comes in – TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! If you are in the market for a new saddle and haven’t tried one of these come in and give one a ride.


SMP Test

SMP Test


Evolution– The 129mm width is ideal for smaller pelvis’s and in general small riders.  

Glider– With it’s 136mm width this saddle is ideal for riders with a “average” pelvis structure.

Pro– The widest saddle we carry for our test program. With its 148mm width it is more suited for riders with a wider pelvis. 

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