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Tensegrity Short Track, Come on Out!


Adam at Tengsegrity ST

P.C. Seth May

Two shop employees Adam Oliver and Leif Kytola raced the Tengsegrity Short Track race on Wednesday this week at Crest elementary school and had a blast! Adam raced the Pro 1’s on the shops fatbike, despite finishing dead last he said, “bikes are fun, look kittens!” with a bright smile on his face. Leif raced on a cross bike and recommends using a mountain bike instead (preferably a 29er). Both of them had a blast and are going to duel it out on fatbikes next week! Along with the racers, most of the guys from the shop came to watch and cheer all of the racers on. All and all the race seemed to be a great success with the prizes, fans, and fatbikes. Come check it out for yourself, link here