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Selle Italia Test Saddles in Now!

Test saddles, ready and waiting!

The folks over at Selle Italia have been going crazy with the leather colors, but it isn’t just for some Italian flare. Instead, they’ve been wrapping five of their most popular high-end saddles in yellow, red, and blue to designate these as test models. Now you can come in an use a SLR Kit Carbonio Flow, SLR TT, FLITE Gel Flow, SL XC, or MAX FLITE Gel Flow before you buy. We all know that saddles are incredibly personal – the saddle that five people love may make your day a royal pain in the bum – and that buying a new $250 rig can be a Vegas-like gamble. Now, you can take the risk out of changing your bench out for something more comfortable, lighter, or more aesthetically pleasing. Whatever your reasons for wanting to try a new saddle, come in today and check out our selection to test on your next ride. (Not pictured here, because they are not sufficiently flair-y enough, are the three SMP models that we also have for you to try out.) With all of our options, we guarantee we can find a saddle that will work with you to make every ride comfortable and easy.