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Road Racing, it’s back!!!

With Cherry Pie (click here for the obra race schedule) less than a month away it is time to start thinking about road racing again! WOOHOOO! For those of you who have been riding long base miles in the rain and countless nights on the trainer, it is time to see if your hard work has paid off. For others it may be a rude awakening that “taking it easy this winter to ‘rest’ your legs” didn’t work as well as you thought. Either way it means the weather is going to start getting warmer, it will stay light past 4:30 P.M.  and there is going to be less temptation of taking another “recovery day.”

Now that racing is on your brain it is time to start thinking about race equipment! From nutrition, helmets, wheels, and even the clothing your wearing there is products for every facet of bike racing. You may be thinking this is a shameless way for the guys at LC to plug products that you don’t need- this is not true. Although some products are not for everyone a lot of these bike related racing products enhance your riding and make it more enjoyable.

Wheels: At Lifecycle we take a lot of pride in our custom wheels. Although there are other  “high end” options the functionality, durability, and asthetics of the wheels we build are second to none. Using Rims from Kinlin, spokes from Sapim, and hubs from White Industries all with a price tag 0f $850 you would be crazy not to at least think about this option. Weighing in around 1400 grams (depending on the choice of color and spokes used) these are race weight and have a 30mm deep rim section providing some aero benefit as well. Enough talking about the wheels it is time to show you some pictures. Here is one of our customers R3 SL with special gold nipples for a very subtle, but sexy look.

Lifecycle Bike Shop Custom Wheels

Lifecycle Bike Shop Custom Wheels

To give a better idea of the options we have here is a customers bike who wanted white rims, black spokes, red nipples, and black hubs.  This compliments the bike very well and still has the durability of an Ox!


Shoes: With soo many options in cycling shoes today it is hard to tell what is an improvement and what is just plain old “different” but not better.  After hearing complaints from customers and numerous hours of riding road there are a few things that we have found that makes a road shoe great. First the ratchet for upper strap is crucial. It is not that I have beef against velcro but over time it wears out and no longer provides a tight fit. Also many manufacturers provide extra ratchets with their shoes so once  it wears out you can replace it for free.

Another crucial aspect of the shoes is the way it transfers power to the pedals; also known as the “stiffness” (thats what she said) of the shoe. We usually recommend carbon soles because of the relatively light weight compared to the stiffness of the material. Carbon shoes were once only a luxury item for the bourgeoisie but are now available for all classes at a reassonable price of $150. Of course you can spend the big bucks and get a shoe about as light as a feather but the power transfer will be very close to the same and the general function will be the same.

We have found that the Shoes from Shimano and Louis Garneau not only have great durability but have some of the traits we like shoes to have. Below are a couple of examples:

Shimano R 132- Great Pricepoint Carbon Shoe with ratchet

Shimano r132
Shimano r132

Shimano R240- ratchet check, carbon check


And here is what Louis Garneau has to offer….

Louis Garneau HRS Carbon- Really cool shiny finish, ratchet check, carbon check LGHRS

Long story short we are just as excited for racing as you are. We can’t wait for some friendly competition and the pavement to be dry. See you at Cherry Pie.