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Recycle at Lifecycle

Being from Eugene recycling is more of a way of life than it is a moral option. Also the sport which we are involved in has pleanty of “eco-friendly” ties.  From giving our tubes to a local artist, having a trash and recycling bin in our store, and restoring old parts to donate or help the monetarily challaged racers- we attempt to do our part in the world of recycling. And this week we took another step. BOOM-SHAKALAKA! When bikes are shipped from the manufacturer they are covered in plastic wrap, styrofoam, and lots of extra cardboard. In the past we would simply recycle these parts but there is 3 parts to the waste hierarchy triangle: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. So there was ways to make improvements without changing the way we do business.

RecycleLifecycle 001

We are now keeping these bike boxes so when we ship out bikes for customers we don’t have to buy new ones- helping us reduce and reuse. Now your thinking what about all those little plastic and styrofoam? We got that covered too:

RecycleLifecycle 003

So whether you care about helping the environment or not- when you are shoping at Lifecycle you can rest assured we are at least taking care of our part.