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Pro-Fitting Testimonials

Gilad- I am sorry this took me awhile to get to you. I wanted to ride my bike for awhile to see how it feels with a few weeks and several miles on it. I’ve ridden it about 250 miles since then and it really feels like I have a new bike. I feel more balanced and better able to handle my bike in difficult situations. I also feel like I have much more power and can climb and accelerate better. Most importantly, the pain I was experiencing in my neck, back, and shoulders is gone, and most of the pain I feel is the good kind when you ride. I also want to thank you for the mini coaching session as part of the fit. I think some of my problems as well were due to improper pedaling technique and position on the bike. I better understand how I need sit on the bike to gain maximum comfort and be more efficient. Overall, the bike fit helped me in ways I couldn’t imagine.

Overall the bike fit is one of the best things I’ve done for my cycling. Most “fittings” I’ve got when buying a bike were, “Stand over the top tube…yep, looks like it fits.” Of course, this does not take into account all of the other variables involved in a proper fit. I think anyone that spends any significant time in the saddle can benefit from a pro fit. Thank you, Gilad!

-Mike Sims


“I more or less did get used to it but what really happened is I held my body in strange ways to compensate for the fact that the bike really didn’t fit me. When I decided to buy the Cervélo I went through the fitting process because I figured what did I have to lose, I could get used to that fit if I got used to the other fit right. There was no getting used to the fit my body just fell on the bike right. The first time I rode it felt right whereas on my other bike I had aches and pains the first couple of times I rode it. I chalked this up to being a beginner but when the cold weather came and I turned back to my first bike as a winter training bike those same aches and pains returned. The bike felt uncomfortable and I felt terrible after my rides. I took this bike back to Gilad and got it fit. It was the same thing again, after he fit this bike it was like it fit me like a glove and while it is nowhere near as fast as my cervelo I can go back and forth between them without anyone acclamation time.
The improvement in comfort that I felt was just one part of the benefit that I received from the fitting that Gilad gave me, I also noticed an immediate improvement in my efficiency, bike handling and ability to train. First because I was so much f=more comfortable I was able to sit in the saddle longer and this helped me with training if for no other reason than it made the bike so comfortable that I could relax more and have fun. It also improved the efficiency with which I ride. I noticed immediately that my pedaling was more effortless. On hard efforts I felt much more comfortable and felt that more of my movement was going in to the pedals. There were also subtle improvements in efficiency, for example because I felt more comfortable in my drops I could ride in them virtually all day with no discomfort allowing me to take and maintain a more efficient position. Also because I felt more comfortable on the bike I felt that I had more control when I was descending or taking sharp turns. In other words because I felt more natural sitting on the bike I was able to control it easier.
I really could not have imagined how much of a difference getting my bike fitted to me would make. It has really made a world of difference in my riding. My girlfriend has recently started talking about getting her first road bike and I will insist that goes to Gilad because not only does he do an amazing job finding the right bike for you and fitting it to you but Gilad and the other people at the shop are always there to answer any question that you have no matter how stupid they are. He has also been more than happy to make any adjustments to my fit I have needed as I added to my bike. I feel that when I bought my bike I also started a relationship with Lifecycle as a shop and have always felt that they are looking out for what is in my best interest as apposed to what will make me buy more.”

-David Montes



The fit is definitely better than my old setup. I have more power in hard seated efforts. I really like the bend of the bar. I will not buy a normal bar again. I like being able to stay in the drops for long periods of time in comfort. The shoes in combination with the new insoles really help.

Jack Lavier

Just want to thank you for the unbelievable service you gave me at your Bike Store. The Cervelo P3 you sold me is a wonderful machine. You fit me to the bike just right. I was in a two day bike race April 26 and 27,(Battle of the Borders in Crescent City Calif. and Brookings Or.) the last stage of the race was a twenty mile time trial. I won it with a time of 48:38 on my new Cervelo P3. Thank You Again.

Ron Griswold
Brookings Or.
Ron and the P3C