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Norco Bikes!!!

We are now a proud dealer of Norco bikes! These guys offer a great range of products with some spectacular deals. In particular the Nitro 9, which we now have in stock, is perhaps the greatest value carbon hardtail we have had come through the shop. The bike is a full carbon hardtail decked out with a good mix of Shimano and Sram components. The best part: it only will put you out $1589! Under 2 grand for a carbon mountain bike has been essentially unheard of till these guys came around. So come in, check it out, and pick our brains. We are here to help you out!!

The Nitro at our store!


One other bike we are extra excited about from Norco is the Sight. This rad trail bike comes in both aluminum and carbon- and has been receiving raving reviews. Gilad was so excited he picked one up from himself…. and he can’t wait to get it dirty.

Thanks for reading and happy riding! We hope to see you soon.


LifeCycle crew


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