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Mud Tires- Essential winter riding gear!

If your a 4 season rider of Mountain Bikes then you have experienced at one time or another what we like the call the “Doughnut Tires.” This is when your tires can’t clear the mud out and the tire becomes completely round with mud, this makes traction a thing of the past. This is why mud tires are so crucial during the winter time here in Oregon. They can make the difference between having fun and having the worst ride of your life. Mud tires increase traction through wider channels between knobs and grooves, allowing debris to pass through quickly.

Mud Tires

Mud Tires


Pictured are 4 of the best mud tires we found for all different types of riding.

Maxxis Wet Screams- These are more downhill specific racing or shuttle run type tires. These tires are more grip than should even be legal.  If DH is your thing even when it is wet we reccomend these.

Maxxis Medusa- If your the type of rider who likes to ride to the trails and then tear it up in the mud then these would be great. For XC riding/racing these will last until the sun decides to come out and play.

Schwalbe Mud Shark- If your concerned with weight and still want all the benefits of a mud specific tire these will do great. Ideal for the XC racer or Weekend Warrior who wants the best.

Kenda KOT’s- Good all around mud tire. Shallower middle knobs for high traction over rocks, roots, and other wet trail debris.

For more info feel free to come in and ask our knowledgeable and friendly staff. And of course, enjoy the rain!