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I don’t know about you, but we are feeling 22

For any of those that just understood the reference, we are sorry you had to endure the terrible joke. Either TS is just a blown up “country,” star, or she is so enamoured with Dura Ace 9000(11 speed!) as we are and wrote a song about it. Anyhow, we are stoked on Shimano’s latest high-end groupset.

With 22 gears, you have a lot to chose from. While the range of the cassette stays the same(I am running an 11/25), the jump between each cog is less, allowing for cleaner shifting. The 9000 crank and chainrings have also improved, most notably, you can now run compact gearing or standard on the same crank. With better shifting ramps on the chainrings, and a completely new design on the FD, the front shifting definitely stands out above any of the improvements in the groupset. There were no words to describe the stoke we all felt on the derailleur. It is something you really just have to try- so come on in and see what the hype is all about.

One last thing about DA- braking and ergonomics. Redesigned shifters feel much better and the braking is far more powerful than the previous incarnations. We are stoked about it, you should be too. Call us for more info 541-686-2994