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Some people don’t beleive that wearing a helmet is cool but like your mom always said: “Don’t forget your helmet!” We recently reccomended to a customer to that he really should wear a helmet when going on a group ride. Half way through the ride said individual had a decent crash and was incredibly lucky to be alright; the helmet saved noggin! This inspired us to show a little of the options we carry in the helmet department.


The new Giro Prolight is not only one of the lightest helmets ever made it is also one of the most comfortable helmets we have worn. Instead of having a plastic ratchet device in the back it has elastic fabric-GENIUS GENIUS GENIUS (if you have seen mr. deeds you would get that). This elastic strap keeps the helmet firmly in place without being too tight and giving headaches. The prolight also has pleanty of airway channels to keep your head cool and comfortable.