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Felt Z2

Di2 Felt Z2

Di2 Felt

 Lifecycle we pride ourselves on being up on the current trends and just a few days after recieving our first Di2 bike an article on Velo news came out on the new Felt Z2. Titled “best of both worlds” the article shows bikes that have pro level technology at a more down-to-earth price. They had nothing but good things to say about the Z2 as well as the Di2. I was going to do a write up on the new Felt but they did a great job, so here is what they have to say:

“We like the Felt Z2 because it’s one of the most afforbable 2010 bikes with Shimano’s Di2 shifting technology…for the Z2, product managers at Felt worked specifically with Shimano to break up the Dura-Ace Di2 package, so that Ultegra compact cranks and brake calipers mix with Di2 shifters and derailleurs, thereby keeping the price in check. Add the ultra-high modulus carbon Z2’s comfort oriented ride quality, with classics inspired geometry, a sloping top tube and taller head tube, and the end result is an all-day rig for the rest of us, with the lineage (and electronic shifting) of a pure race bike”

Here is my 2 cents:

Having owned a Felt F2 perviously I was very excited about trying out the different geometry as well as the coolest shifting devices known to man-kind. The bike handles very precisely and predicitablity with little delay associated with some “comfort” bikes. The new carbon ultegra wheels spin up to speed easily and the built in wheel magnet will keep the bike looking fresh when a computer is installed. If you are in the market for a prolevel bike at almost half the cost of their flagship model the Felt AR1, give this bike a look. Z2 cockpit


 Check out some of these photo’s!Di2 006

Di2 005