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Cervelo S5 is here

Every year in the bike industry, companies come out with better or new products that make the bike you bought last year completely out of date – what the heck? However, there are a few companies that produce a product that is soo good there is little to no reason to improve on it more the next year. One of those companies is Cervelo. One of their bikes that clearly demonstrates this is the Cervelo P3. If you look back all the way to 2006 the Cervelo P3 (the carbon version that is – for those who were going to point out that it was made previously as the P3-sl) has had little to no changes even for 2012. The bike just works; and it looks really cool, too.

If you already know Cervelo then you are also familiar with the classic S (soloist) series road bikes. They were one of the first truely aero road bikes on the market and are still available today as the S2. This bike was and still is awesome; however, the guys at Cervelo have gone the next step and come up with the S5. When we first saw the bike it looked oddly similar to this:


This leads us to believe maybe NASA built this bike and they just labeled it a “Cervelo”. Either way, this thing is great. This bike, unlike the previous S series, doesn’t ride like an aero road bike at all. It has the bottom bracket stiffness of the R- series bikes, handles like it is on rails, and looks even better than the previous generation aero road bikes. Word!

If you were to strap two rocket boosters to this thing it would look remarkably similar to the Space Shuttle- see! And this is only the SRAM Rival Version- imagine the possibilities! This model retails for $3800 which costs $449.9 Million Dollars less than a typical shuttle mission. So it is actually a really good deal; why not just buy two?

Come in and check it out! More info can be found on the Cervelo Web site-