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Cervélo P2. Redesigned to be as Aero as Possible.


More Aero than ever before


Ready for all of your TT needs

Altered from the old P2, there is new engineering behind this machine such as Extended Seat Tube Cutout, Future-Proof Cable Management, and a Dropped Downtube to make the bike as aero and simple as possible. The P2 is identical to Cervelo’s upper model, the P3. The only difference being their forks. This means that you can acquire a top tier bike for less than $3,000! There have been many reviews of the P2, but our favorite is “The more time we spend with the P2, the more we realize that this bike can be anything the rider wants it to be, and for thousands less than it’s real competition in the wind tunnel would have you paying.” Devon Bain, Technical Editor