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Many people’s first triathlon (or their first several) are often completed on a road bike that has been outfitted with clip-on aero bars. This is an easy way to get into a more aero position than a traditional road handlebar without having to spend the money on a tri-specific bike. But for many of our customers, this retro-fit approach is often not enough to fully unleash their potential. The portion of time between when you get out of the water and when you put on your sneakers is really the only time during your triathlon where you have to rely as much on your equipment as your do you rely on your own body. Obviously wet suits and shoes have their place in the triathlete’s list of equipment concerns, but the right bike can make all the difference when it comes to the machinery meeting you more than half way in your quest against the clock.

At life cycle, we offer tri-specific bikes from Cervélo, BMC, and Felt. These frames are all designed to cheat the wind, transfer maximum power through our your pedal stroke, and put your body in the perfect position for you to comfortably put the water behind you as fast as you can. With aero tubing, built-in bullhorn/aero bars, bladed forks, different geometry, and super stiff bottom brakets, our tri bikes work with you, not against you. We also offer many options for your aero needs including helmets, hydration options, and custom and prebuilt wheels. Together with our Pro-Fitting services, we will be able to match you a set of equipment that will allow you to push your performance to new highs, and your splits to new lows.