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Cervélo Cycles saw the light of day in 1995 when 2 engineers, Phil White and Gérard Vroomen, decided to take the work they had been doing on developing faster Time Trial bikes to market. Already involved in bicycle and Human Powered Vehicle design since 1986, the turning point came when a top-ranked Italian pro cyclist approached Gérard to design the fastest possible Time Trial bike for him. He had come to the realization that his bike sponsor was capable of building traditional bikes using off the shelf tubesets from Columbus or Easton, but did not have the interest or expertise to develop leading edge designs with the focus on time trialing and aerodynamics. He also realized that he could not look at the novel designs put before him and know if they were improvements, or just “different”.

With help of his team we started the bike design from scratch. We evaluated the bikes on the market, and set a design goal for the bike that was difficult and uncompromising. We wanted something that was unbeatable in aerodynamics yet sacrificed nothing in weight or stiffness, and unfettered by issues of marketability. It was to be a one-off design for this rider.

The result was a pretty radical bike that pushed the rules in almost every area. It tested extremely well for aerodynamics, as well as handling, stiffness and comfort.




We love having Cervelo at Life Cycle.  But don’t take our word for it – check out what other poeple have to say about these very special bikes.

Model Line-

S1 (Previously known as the Soloist Team)- Click Here Life Cycle’s best-selling bike.
S2, S3 (Previously known as the Soloist Carbon or Soloist Carbon SL)- Click Here
RS (Paris Roubaix proven)- Click Here
R3 (Race machine)- Click Here


#1 in Kona Bike Count

#1 in CycleSport Magazine’s Reader Survey for bike to buy when price is an object

#1 in CycleSport Magazine’s Reader Survey for bike to buy when price is NO object

#1 Slowtwitch Reader Survey

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