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Rental Program

Sometimes before making a large purchase, like a bike, it is nice to be able to ride a few to get an idea of exactly what you want. Simply pedaling the bike around a parking lot will not give you a good idea of what each bike can do. Hence, the DEMO program. And the best part of all is that if you end up purchasing a bike we put the money you spent on the demo towards the new bike! 

Mountain Bike Rental

2019 Santa Cruz Bronson carbon w/dropper

Size large

$75/day $225/week


2019 Santa Cruz 5010 carbon w/dropper

Sizes small and medium

$75/day $225/week


2019 Felt Redemption ebike alloy w/dropper

Size large

$75/day $225 week


2018 Santa Cruz Hightower carbon w/dropper

Size Medium

$75/day $225/week

Available NOW!



2018 Santa Cruz Tallboy 3 carbon


$75/day $225/week