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The Lynskey

It is not very often we get the opportunity to build a bike where cost is the after thought. But we just did it. This high ticket machine is not only one of the prettiest but also one of the most comfortable and functional bikes we’ve had the pleasure of riding.

TheLynsky 004

How did this bike come to be? We had a customer come in that was riding a 54cm top of the line carbon road bike and wanted a professional bike fit. As the customer hopped on the bike we realized quickly that this bike was far from the right frame for his size and proportions. Why do bike shops do this to people? When you go buy shoes from a shoe store if the shoes doesn’t fit you don’t buy them; so why would a bike shop or the customer sell or buy (respectively) a bike that doesn’t fit the consumer? For most customers they simply don’t know how a bike should feel (that is, fit to them). Consumers often place a large amount of trust into the shops telling them what they need so it is the moral responsibility of the shop to sell a bicycle that will be the correct fit. Bike shops too quickly push people onto bikes that don’t fit them in order to make a quick sale. The bottom line, though, is that the bike should fit your body; your body should not be forced to fit the bike. If you’re purchasing a bicycle, espically a new one, something as simple as getting the correct size should not be a problem. Not all of this can be blamed on the shop though. Often times there are great deals available online and in retail establishments that are too good to pass up. However, if a bike doesn’t fit you, no matter how good a deal it is, it’s not worth it.

But back to our Lynskey… After looking at the customer’s size and discussing his needs, we realized factory geoemtery from any brand was not going to work for him; custom geometry was the way! The appropriate measurements were taken and we talked with Lynskey about what we could do. After talking back and forth with the customer and Lynskey we got the geometry dialed in. Once the frame decisions were made, it was on to the parts! With our knowledge and the customer’s wants/needs taken into account, we found the perfect build that tied the whole bike together.

TheLynsky 007

TheLynsky 002

TheLynsky 003

Breakdown of the parts:

Frame- Full Lynskey Custom Road Frame in the Polished Finish fully preped for Di2 Wiring

Fork- Edge Composites 2.0 Road Fork

Wheels- Kinlin XR300 Polished rims laced with Sapim Laser Spokes to Chris King R45 Red Hubs

Tires- Continental Gran Prix 4000

Groupo- Dura Ace Di2 with the exception of the SRAM 900  Cranks with Cinqo Power Meter

Seatpost- Lynskey Titanium Seatpost in Polished Finish

Stem- Moots Road Stem (custom polished at Local metal finishing establishment)