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Custom Wheels


Whether you ride mountain, road, track, or just commute, wheels can make or break the way a bike rides. Whether you’re looking for your next wheels to be durable, light, or even something that will set your bike apart from the others our knowledgeable staff can get you set up with the perfect wheelset to fit your needs. We work with some of the best brands in the industry to give you look, feel, and performance you demand. We typically use parts from (but are not limited to):

AirGo Wheels – Our in-house wheels, designed to give you the best performance for the price of any wheel you will ever find. Visit to learn about our offerings, or order a set of wheels online.

Rims – Stans No Tubes, Zipp, ENVE Composites, Kinlin, Mavic, and Velocity

Hubs – Chris King, White Industries, and Shimano

In a climate like that of Eugene, serviceability is paramount for wheels. If you have any problems with our wheels you can just come down and talk with us about it. We will most likely be able to fix the problem on the spot and free of charge! And if you ride your bikes like we do, you know how frustrating “down time” can be when dealing with warranties from larger name brands.

Here are a few examples we have built up recently:

Zipp 404 Rim laced with Sapim Laser Spokes to Chris King R45 Hub-

KingandH2overdrive 001

AirGo AR.30 rims, Sapim Laser Spokes, and Chris King R45 in red (The red nipples looked really cool with the hubs)

Lynskey 003

Velocity Deep V’s laced with Sapim Laser Spokes to Shimano XT Disc Hubs

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