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Custom Bikes and Wheels

At Life Cycle bike shop we know that sometimes “straight off the rack” is not always what you want.

We know that you like something that fits only you. Sometimes the best products can get even better with the Life Cycle bike shop “ Custom Program.” If they make it, we can get it – build it better. To find out how we do it come talk to us about your next project. Our mechanics have all the tools and knowledge to make it happen. We work with the leading parts and bike manufactures to create unique bikes and wheels like no one has ever seen before.

Here is a printable custom build form, which you can fill in before you come in (CUSTOM FORM) or contact us.

For a list and links to the companies available to you, please click here.

For our custom wheel page, please click here.

To some people a bicycle is simply that, a bike. But to others every last part on their ride is important; every once in a while we get the opportunity to work with customers that appreicate bicycles like this. These machines are truely pieces of art – and this page is dedicated to these masterpieces.

Pinarello Dogma equipped with Shimano Di2 and ENVE Wheels!


Niner Air 9 Carbon

GiladPimpyNiner 001

Cervelo RS with full Campy Chorus 11-spd

JAYMAN rs 001

Transition TR-450 with Fox 40

NinerRipandOthers 001

Cervelo R3 SL special “Tour Edition” equipped with SRAM Red

All Pictures 597

Cervelo R3 with SRAM Force Group and Rolf Prima Vigors

All Pictures 1027

Cervelo R3 with Shimano Dura Ace Di2 and Dura Ace Carbon Tubeless Wheels


The new TR450  from Transition Bikes is a race specific downhill machine. And this one is just amazing! With a Kashima Coated Fox F40, Formula Brakes, Saint Cranks, and the most incredible looking cock-pit we have seen to date. Just look at that Twenty Six Stem!!!!

TR450 001

This 30 pound do-it-all Intense Tracer is one of our favorite builds. No detail is too small when it comes to a custom bicycle. Take for instance the blue nipples on the wheels we built up for this customer. The Pewter Chris King (also called “Chris Bling” at our shop) really matched well with the Blue and Black theme.Perfect Tracer

Have a thing for 29 ers?

This Scandium/Aluminum Tubing Kona Kula 29er couldn’t get any better. At 24 Pounds this Cross-Country MTB tears up the trails… With Stan’s No-Tube rims, Gold Chris King bits, and matching Gold Nikon Cables . There is no part of this bike that was overlooked.

Like the Full-Suspension 29er more?

This Jet 9 from Niner is color matched throughout…

Old Niner

Are high-end road bikes your thing? Do you not like the bikes you can simply get off the rack? With our knowledgeable staff we can get you set up with a jaw dropping custom bike. This F4:13 was chosen part by part- check it out!

Do you want a bike that goes to 11? Well this one does – with Campy Chorus 11spd group. This build also includes custom in-house built wheels. With Kinlin rims, sapim spokes, and White Industries Hubs there was no short-cuts with this Italian Stallion. This R3 SL Tour Edition speaks for itself. Check out the article here for more info and pictures.


This IBIS Mojo SL is not only light it has the New SRAM XX!

We build all types of Custom Bikes including this Urban Black Market Riot.

VolumeCutter 005

This Volume Cutter is built up for Street Abuse. With Profile Hubs laced to Velocity Chukker rims using Sapim Laser Spokes; the wheels couldn’t get any more urban bling than this. The Vittoria Randoneers keep the rubberside down and provide a touch of safety with the reflective sidewall (because we don’t always remember our lights).  The Fu Manchu Fork and Volume Trickster bars give the bike a solid feel and the ample clearance to spin those bars! Demolition medellion cranks and a KMC Pintle chain give the bike a BMX toughness and style in the drivetrain department. Small touches like the Pivotal seatpost and saddle give it a distinct look and provide more strength on the chance you don’t land a trick perfectly.



 For more bikes we have built check these out… Click here for pictures Gallery 


Custom Wheels

Whether you ride mountain, road, track, or just commute, wheels can make or break the way a bike rides. Whether you’re looking for your next wheels to be durable, light, or even something that will set your bike apart from the others our knowledgeable staff can get you set up with the perfect wheelset to fit …

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Custom Internal Di2

Having built numerous Di2 bikes, we have become very comfortable with the new electronic shifting from Shimano. Up until now we have built up frames that are “factory” built for the new electronic group, or in some cases custom drilled like the Lynskey Road Bike we built. So what does factory built mean exacltly? Basically that means …

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TheLynsky 004

The Lynskey

It is not very often we get the opportunity to build a bike where cost is the after thought. But we just did it. This high ticket machine is not only one of the prettiest but also one of the most comfortable and functional bikes we’ve had the pleasure of riding. How did this bike come to …

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More Custom Projects

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