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A bright idea…

The sun is going down sooner and sooner as we approach fall, and many people think that means they have to put their bikes away for the winter. While the cold and rain will deter many regardless, lack of sunlight should never be a reason not to ride! We are now well equipped for all sorts of riders- from safety lights to near flood lights for night time shredders. Here, John will review some of the products we have.

Naella has a bright future!

First off I will start with basic commuter lights. Our go to, budget commuter lights come from Lezyne and NightRider. The Lezyne Femto drive, which is my favorite of the options comes in priced at $14.99. Sporting different color anodized aluminum bodies, lithium Ion batteries, and a well designed mounting system, these lights are built to last. Not only this, but are great looking and well priced. Another good option is the lightning bug 2.0 from Night Rider, just about the same amount of Lumens coming from these, with the major difference being the body. They are made out of a rubber material and are just as water resistant. While the actual functionality differences between these two lights are very small, I think the biggest factor will be what you chose aesthetically.

Another small but very effective light is the Superflash from Planet Bike. Made for the rear of your bike, it comes with a pretty standard clamp, is very bright- pretty much what you need to be seen. This light comes in at $29.99.  A step up from this is the Serfras Thunderbolt.  This is a better option for those with hefty rear racks as it is easier to mount on the frame. Being USB rechargeable, a bit brighter, and more durable, this is an all around better option then Superflash. Though it more expensive, coming in at $40.00.

For more powerful lights, we carry offerings from Cygolite and NightRider. The Cygolite Streak is 280 lumens and probably our best value light. Bright enough to be seen and see the ground in front of you, this light is perfect for your everday commuter, and even strong and light enough to be used as a potential backup light for those of us that like to hit the dirt at night. It is USB rechargble, and very affordable- priced at $54.99.

Last but not least- the NightRider Lumina 700. This is made for people who want to ride at night and go fast. With a whopping 700 Lumens, and a very effective range of 3 settings, you can ride for up to 6 hours in complete darkness on a full battery. USB rechargeable and two different mounts- one for your bars and one for your helmet, you can’t ask for a whole lot more with lights. Very reasonably priced too for how much this thing lights up the ground- costing $134.99. If you want to ride and explore all winter through the dark- this is the light for you! (I personally use this light for night riding and commuting, and it is fantastic.)


Thanks for reading! If you specifically mention that you read this article, tell me you saw the words in bold to prove it, and get 10% off your light!