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Meet the Crew

This is where you learn a little about us. We are very different and every one of us brings something different to the table, but the one thing that we all have in comment is that WE ARE ALL BIKE GEEKS!

Gilad Gozlan











Hails from Israel, where he rode on the Israeli National road team. He spent his teen years as a slave to the bike, which lead to racing in Europe. But his nation’s call of duty cut him from the life of two wheels and saddle sores for three years while he fulfilled his time in the army. Gilad went over to the dark side of cycling after getting out of the army and became a professional down hill mountain biker. He met his wife, Erin, in the US and moved out west to Eugene when a friend told him about the California Gold Rush. Unfortunately for Gilad, his friend did not specify that the California Gold Rush ended a century and a half ago. And also that Eugene is not in California. Don’t tell Gilad this though, he’ll be devastated. Gilad rides a BMC StreetRacer, a Jamis Carbon 29er single speed, and a Santa Cruz Blur LT Carbon.

“Life is what happens when you make plans.”
“How do you win a race?” “You start as fast as you can and you slowly accelerate.”

Justin B.

Cold ass pics 005










Is all about riding Mountain Bikes. Justin digging his 2013 Kona Honzo for over a year now and is looking forward to riding his NEW, new Process 111 this summer.

Zack S (sounds like SMoots)









“Where does it hurt?”


Lee Wilkinson

Lee has been riding bikes for 34 years.  We can safely say he is a cycling enthusiast with way too many bikes to count!  Lee is our service manager (you can talk to this friendly face when your bike needs work).  Lee is very involved in the mountain bike community.  He leads group rides for newbies and experienced riders alike and has more trail work hours than there are gallons of water in the sea……so to speak.  This photo may be a little dated so make sure you ask for Lee when you come in.

Andrew Alef

alef profile

Has been in the industry for almost 10 years. Has crashed on just about every kind of bike out there. You can find Andrew at the shop wrenching on bikes, behind the counter, on the sales floor, and even out in the community where you might catch him teaching a bike class or providing race support with his mechanic skills.

Ben Bakken

Ben profile

Man of mystery. Does his talking with his bike, on the trail.

John Morehouse

Morehouse, or Tollhouse (he loves cookies), is the newest member of the LifeCycle family. Coming from Petaluma, California he knows everything about White Industries, Lagunitas, Camelbak, and looking fast (not necessarily going as fast). John races for the University of Oregon cycling team and is probably the fastest Cat 4(correction, he is now a cat 3) in the planet. He has a strong mountain biking background as a Junior and is excited about learning the local trails.

 Anthony Gutierrez

Anthony Downhill

Anthony has in fact graduated from UofO and moved down the coast for his ‘Big Boy’ job, but… this is such a great shot we have to leave it up. Gutierrez representin’.


Mike Dugan

Mike Bio

Mike likes to ride XC/Trail stuff, gravel, hike, and spend time in his backyard. He prefers ducks to chickens, and has an appreciation for old steel frame road bikes.


Adam Oliver


Adam isn’t picky. When he isn’t wrenching on bikes, he’s likely doing some epic ride with friends. If it’s handmade and made out of metal it’s likely he would ride it.

Cecilia Sebastiani


Cece is the first woman employee at Life Cycle. She is new to the cycling world and rides for the UO cycling team. She originates from San Francisco, but is loving Oregon. Ask her about any women specific cycling needs.