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The Building Of Life Cycle

June 1st, 2006 – Our first day in the building.

p5310005.JPG 2.JPG

We gather our tools (thanks to everyone for helping us!)

"Justin's Brother bringing us tools (Thanks man. We couldn’t do it with out you!)

June 2nd, 2006 – We begin painting the mezzanine. We need to wait for the walls to be prepared on the first floor.

Justin and Gilad getting ready to paint. Painting

June 3rd, 2006 – We begin building the infrastructure for the shop.

Geoff at work.

June 4th – 15th, 2006 – We are working day and night to make sure all aspects of our pro bike shop will come to life. Our vision is starting to take shape. We are using almost entirely recycled materials in our building process (thanks to “Bring” recycling in Springfield). We are trying to create a unique, friendly atmosphere.

The pro-fitting room and dressing room in the beginning.

fitting room and now- june 9

Decking begins building the deck And now- June 9 deck

The build of the front dask – the start Geoff the builder Gilad working???????

next step- looking good nice

The last part- Geoff is finishing it

That is not snow in the shop, but dust that you see. It’s done at 10:30pm – p6210022.JPG

The first bikes are here- Jamis bikes and Gilad Justin's Kona

Time off- Gilad is taking some time off Having fun yet? Justin taking time off

fixing bikes big guy small guy p7050022.JPG details p7090085.JPG p7110092.JPG yep

We are now open 6 days a week and ready to serve you!

just hang out pro fit room pro fit room road bikes and accessories accessories

shop rides shop rides wall of fame wall of fame

road bikes The road bikes.