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My new Jamis Xenith Pro

Jill Howe

What is SNAPPY?
I was not sure, until about a month ago. SNAPPY might have been the
rat-dog next door. Or what I expect when I surf the internet. I’m a
recreational rider gone racer, loving my new found speed and friends
racing around Oregon with the Poplollies Women’s Cycling Team. I was
racing this summer, feeling good about things, with sometimes numb
hands, sore back and neck, and of course tired legs. Everything was
good. I wanted to upgrade my components. And I came away with SNAPPY.

Innocently I go to Life Cycle, psyched to check out the new shop in
town. Little did I know I’d be changed forever! I asked too many
questions, too many times, and within a few weeks decided on a whole new
bike. Never heard of a Jamis before, but after my head was filled with
promises of compact geometry, the benefit of a smaller frame, lighter
frame, more power, more comfort, and this SNAPPY thing, I gave in and
just said “Order me one, I’ll try it!”.

Now I really like my old bike. Still do. But it is NOT SNAPPY. It is
like an old Subaru whose head gasket is going, but not yet gone.
RrrrRrrrRrrr. You step on it, and, then, it, starts, to go. I did not
know that there was any other way. I thought it was my legs, or my
quickness, or whatever. Gilad and Geoff convinced me that compact
geometry would feel different. It DOES! They told me the Jamis is
SNAPPY. It IS! This bike is light, it rides like a sportscar. It is
nimble on the road, it descends like a perfect downhill ski run. The
control is amazing – I had no idea what I was missing on my old bike. I
just did not know any better. And SNAPPY! I decide that I am going to
go a little faster up this hill. I turn a little acceleration on, and I
actually speed up and go! Quickly! (Not RrrrRrrrRrrr). I thought I
was destined for a life of hard work. Oh, wait, I am still destined for
a life of hard work. I need to pay for my new bike. But I am faster,
more comfortable and happier on my bike for the same amount of leg work!
SNAPPY is real.

My advice. Listen to the boys. They talk about bike stuff that I still
do not understand, but by trusting them, they did not have to give me
anything for free and I was eager to write this for their website. My
Jamis bike absolutely Rocks. My Rolf wheels roll by themselves, I
swear. My straight block cassette is amazing. Enjoy the ride, for
every ride is a good ride.

Poplollie Jill H.