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Monthly Archive: January 2013

Power Meters. Watts the big deal?!


If you have ever heard a roadie talking about how many “watts” they can put out or read an article about how many watts you can save over an hour, then you have heard of a power meter before indirectly- but what are they? They are a device usually located on the crankset or rear …

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Power meters?

If you have ever ridden next to a roadie that couldn’t stop talking about “watts” or read an article in a bike magazine that refers to “watts saved” then you have heard of or know what a power meter is. These power metersthat we

Winter riding essential gear for the PNW


Gloves: For road and mountain winter riding the key to stay warm is keeping your core temperature up and making keeping the bulk down so you don’t feel like this: And with all the great accessories we carry we can keep you looking fresh and warm at the same time! One important piece is keeping …

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