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Monthly Archive: September 2009

DH Ready!


  Wheter you like Transition, Intense, Santa Cruz, or Kona- we gotcha covered.

Rider Bio: Colin w/ his Transition Trail or Park


This bike is the longest production frame I could find for my lanky self. The fork is custom tuned by Bobby Akuna, Ex Manitou Tech, with a thicker shim stack for improved stiffness when pumping tranny’s. I chose to run a road caliper to improve the modulation of the brake and the speed dial lever allows me fine tune the leverage to power ratio. Thanks to some trick spokes and ti bits the bike weighs 28 Lbs and combined with the stiffness of the fork makes this rig easy to pop off lips and whip it real good. 16″ chainstays make the bike a breeze to manual and its 42″ wheelbase keeps it stable at speed.

Winter Downhilling? We got Maxxis Wet Screams!!!!


Previously only avaialble in Europe- this downhill tire is the ideal product for Oregon’s wet season. The tire even works well in certain dry conditions if the spikes are cut, a service we also offer. Winter=Mud, Mud=No Traction, Traction=Maxxis Wet Screams  



Want to ride the same shoes as Sam Hill?